Our Communications Toolkit is the definitive guide to navigating communications for the nonprofit world, and helps nonprofit veterans, newbies, and anyone in between find the resources they need to create more effective communications.

This comprehensive guide offers practical information in virtually every area of communications — from how to develop and budget a communications plan to what tools you need to help raise awareness and funds. Content is based on findings from national surveys of what nonprofits want in the area of communications.

This book was initially created to fill a real need in the nonprofit sector and remains a go-to resource today. It is continually requested by nonprofit organizations in all 50 states and 24 countries, and has been translated into four languages.

Great News!


We are excited to add new chapters on topics including:

  • Communications for fundraising & development
  • Social media & marketing
  • Digital trends
  • Networks / collaborations and partnerships
  • Communications evaluation / ROI
  • Advocacy communications
  • E-newsletters
  • Using journalism to advance communication objectives
  • Communications as core competency
  • Communications’ role in programmatic grants

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