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Tapping into Communications’
Power to Connect

To support communicators like you, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite reminders and resources on key topics: Messaging: It’s easy to get caught up in the contentious, polarizing conversations. Instead, examine your organization’s messaging—from the top down—and find opportunities to highlight and advance solidarity, empathy, and common ground. Not sure where to start? Check out our free […]

Pivoting for Impact:
In Conversation with Naveena Ponnusamy

Vanessa Schnaidt (VS): Venice Family Clinic had big plans for 2020, celebrating the organization’s 50th Anniversary with a big campaign focused on community. How did the Clinic pivot this year? Naveena Ponnusamy (NP): We started the year with a blueprint for celebrating the anniversary—including communications strategies, plans for new intimate in-person events in lieu of a […]

Virtual Fundraising Events with a
Real Impact

Regardless of where and how your event is held, here are some recommendations grounded in communications strategies to keep your virtual fundraiser’s impact strong and reach wide: Imagine new possibilities. Rather than attempt to exactly recreate an in-person event, embrace the creative opportunities afforded by a new platform or format. Consider how you can create […]

Simple Joys & Small Victories

LIANA ALMONY I thrive off of a full schedule and am happiest when I am at my busiest. At the beginning of quarantine, when life as we knew it came grinding to a halt, I found that too much time on my hands could easily turn into time spent focusing on the negative aspects of […]

Pausing to Take Stock: A Six-Month Reset

Where Do We Stand Now Good evaluation always starts with honest reflection. Use this time to create space for personal sharing and team discussions. These are an important complement to the reports and analytics you’re already gathering and a perfect opportunity to ask the deeper questions that can get lost amidst the daily grind. Here […]

The Right Message at the Right Time. Please.

Strategic Communications in Times of Crisis (Find it in Chapter 4 of our Communications Toolkit) Crisis communications is about finding opportunity in unexpected situations. A strategic, well-coordinated approach can go a long way across all departments of your organization. Assemble a crisis management team to centralize your response and all related decision-making. Designate spokespersons to deliver […]

Building Relationships That Last

Trying to Get Noticed? Start simple: decide what it is you’re looking for in your supporter. The more clarity you have about your goals and audiences, the easier it will be to invest time and energy into cultivating the right matches. Who shares your ideals? Who will galvanize your mission? Who will introduce you to […]