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AltaSea: Reimagining LA’s Waterfront

Over the past year, you might have started to hear about AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, a public-private partnership that brings together science, business and education to generate innovative solutions to global sustainability issues. Together with its partners and funders, AltaSea is going to change the face of Los Angeles – and the […]

Guarding Nonprofits’ Reputations in Times of Crisis

A crisis is any situation that threatens an organization’s integrity or reputation, a threat magnified by the potential for negative media attention. A crisis is usually unexpected and often escalates, with unpredictable elements increasing the stress and anxiety a nonprofit’s officers will experience as they respond. Today’s media environment, a 24/7 multi-media echo chamber of […]

Advocating for Children: A Commitment That’s Come Full Circle

This TV clip set the tone for the next three years of my career, and gave me the opportunity to learn the PR trade while fighting for a cause I believed would help the abused and neglected children of LA County – the creation of a separate department of Children’s Services (now the Department of […]

Nonprofits: helping drive California’s economy

But did you know that California’s nonprofits also rank as the fourth largest industry in California by employment, providing jobs for nearly one million Californians? Or that they are responsible for 15 percent of California’s Gross State Product? Hershey Cause Founder R. Christine Hershey and General Manager Marie Condron were on hand at CalNonprofits 2014 […]