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Applying Shared Learnings for a Bolder, Brighter Future

“Communications and community building is an interdependent enterprise.” In her keynote address, Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter LaTosha Brown used the power of storytelling to lift up communications as a way to build community. “Relationships are your greatest capital,” she added, and all the more reason to be sure you’re engaging authentically when trying to […]

Creativity From Chaos: When Crisis Creates Opportunity

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at how plans for WE RISE changed course (in a major way!) without sacrificing impact, and five best practices you can implement in your own organization as you navigate the road ahead. Be true to who you are. Lean into your organization’s brand identity and guiding values: they offer an anchor […]

Harnessing Emotion for Social Change

Here are our top five insights so you, too, can benefit from these advances in the field. Awe fosters connection and cues up action. Katherine R. Dale’s research on inspirational media illuminates that awe really is awesome. Situated on the “upper reaches of pleasure and the boundary of fear,” awe is a “self-transcendent emotion” that […]

Free Tools and Resources to Help You Do More Good in 2020

  Communications to Amplify Your Impact Looking to brush up on specific communications skills, or help a colleague improve theirs? Cause Communications is committed to making the power of good communications accessible to all. That’s why our digital library of free resources is always stocked with “how-to” videos, interactive quizzes, and practical guides based on […]

Creating Positive Narratives Around Complex Issues

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, we’ve also included some examples connected to this particular topic. 1. Balance transparency with resilience – As communicators, we have a responsibility to accurately portray what’s happening in our communities and not “sugar coat” the truth. Alongside the facts, it’s also important to avoid painting a bleak picture of […]

Top Lessons from Our Communications Training

1. Take the time to create great core messages. Every organization should have a handful of core messages that align with – but are distinct from – your mission statement. These should help your audiences emotionally connect to the work your organization is doing, and clearly articulate why this work is important. Remember that everyone is […]