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Celebrating Enterprising Women

1977, the year I started Hershey Cause Communications, was also the year that the first National Women’s Conference was held. This conference was the first meeting of its kind in the United States since the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Recently, while looking back at the platform that was debated at […]

Doubling Down on Design Thinking: Kristin Moore Joins HCC as Creative Director

I am happy to announce that Kristin Moore has joined the Hershey Cause team as our full-time Creative Director. After eight years of success working independently across the nonprofit and corporate sectors, Kristin will expand our capabilities to provide the full spectrum of creative services for current and new clients, partners and audiences. With her […]

Beth Babyak Promoted to Chief of Staff

For many of you who have had the chance to work with Beth Babyak, our Vice President of Operations, it will come as no surprise that her leadership and steady hand here at Hershey Cause have helped guide our agency’s operations and client project management with consistency and rigor. I’m pleased to announce Beth’s promotion […]

Celebrating 38 Years of Communicating for Good

At HCC one of the ways we ensure this is through our commitment to strong design work. Having started out as a creative director, I’m witnessing a full circle return to design thinking as a way to solve problems. For example, infographics and interactive displays are now popular ways to share information. In 1977 the […]

From the Desk of R. Christine Hershey: Making the Most of Conference Season

Choose wisely Every conference has a value to the right participant. For those in the early stages of their careers, does the conference provide appropriate opportunities for professional development? For executives, is there a high-level, innovative agenda that will recharge and inspire you and therefore your staff? Would you do better to stay at home […]

Strategic Communications Starts at the Top

  Strategic communications is a valuable tool that should be on your “mandatory” list. Do you have a Chief Communications Officer (CCO), like Apple or Google or the Gates Foundation? Do you realize the cost benefits when you align marketing, public relations and corporate social responsibility? Do you fully leverage your development and fundraising activities […]

13 Questions Your Nonprofit Needs to Ask

Recently, I was talking with a friend who just entered the nonprofit sector after several years as a political consultant. He lamented how he spent his first few months talking almost exclusively to small-circulation trade publications instead of pitching bigger-reach stories to outlets like the Los Angeles Times. On the outset, it may seem like […]