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3 Reasons to Reframe Overhead Costs as Infrastructure Investments

“Overhead” spending remains a sensitive topic for nonprofit organizations and many feel discouraged from asking funders for what they truly need in fear of being rejected or worse, deemed as an organization that is not committed to serving their community. That’s because “overhead” has been associated with unnecessary administrative expenses rather than essential activities: efficient […]

Our New and Improved Cause Clarity Website

Here at Hershey Cause we are passionate about supporting the great work being done by nonprofits in Los Angeles and across the country. That is why we started our own nonprofit over fifteen years ago with a mission to provide free resources and tools to help nonprofits improve their internal and external communications and to […]

Top 5 Things You Can Do Now To Communicate Better

The 2016 graduating class of the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund Communicating for Results! training program.We love to see those light bulb moments when the participants realize how they could communicate even better with their audiences – whether it’s with donors, board members, volunteers or clients. Here we share the top five pieces of advice our […]

Inside Our Services: Three Annual Reports Worth Sharing

California Community Foundation: 2014 “Land of Dreams” Print and digital formats brought out the best in each other for CCF’s 2014 annual report, which was built around vivid, relatable images of our fellow Angelenos in recognizable environments, accompanied by their personal “Stories of Impact.” This eye-catching publication exudes optimism with its bright photography, while infographics […]

From the Desk of R. Christine Hershey: Making the Most of Conference Season

Choose wisely Every conference has a value to the right participant. For those in the early stages of their careers, does the conference provide appropriate opportunities for professional development? For executives, is there a high-level, innovative agenda that will recharge and inspire you and therefore your staff? Would you do better to stay at home […]