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Commemorating 40 Years of Impact

  ——— WHEREAS, R. Christine Hershey founded Hershey Cause Communications in 1977 to help nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and businesses harness the power of strategic communications and design toward achieving a greater positive effect in Los Angeles County; and WHEREAS, she has served as an instrumental and pioneering connector of causes and communities within the […]

POV: Relationships Matter

In the spirit of Hershey Cause Communications’ mission as “evangelists for (good!) communications,” we offer up this “Bingo” card meme to share and serve as a reminder to focus on ways to build real relationships with people. Spread the word! Invest time in connecting with your colleagues. Use meetings as an opportunity to bring greater […]

Crafting a Dazzling Core Message

When we work with nonprofits through our many training programs, we emphasize the importance of developing a core message – a simple statement distinct from your mission that sparks interest and highlights what sets your organization apart. Follow these steps to develop your own core message, so you can talk about your organization in a […]