Tracking Your Impact

Harness the power of measurement and evaluation — both for understanding your impact and determining where to focus your communications efforts in the future.


Where Do You Stand?

Learn why competitive analysis is so important to your organization’s communications success. We’ll also review a framework you can use to stay organized when conducting an analysis.


Communications Toolkit

The definitive guide for social impact communications, designed for both veterans and newbies alike. This comprehensive resource offers practical information in virtually every area of communications – from how to develop and budget a communications plan to what tools you need to help raise awareness and funds.


Resource Navigator

Not sure what tools to explore first? Use the Resource Navigator to discover what Cause Communications resources are right for you.


Communications Effectiveness Quiz

A simple (quick!) quiz to help you assess your organization’s communications strengths, identify areas of opportunity, and compare your results to other similar organizations.


Partner Projects

Books, guides, and original research highlighting best practices in communications — all produced in collaboration with some of the finest strategic minds in the sector.


How to Manage Your Contacts

Streamlining workflow, increasing information sharing, and improving conversion rates are just a few of the benefits you can expect from proper management of your contacts.


How to Choose Social Media

Choose social media channels that will best support your campaign and help you identify the strengths of specific social media tools in relation to your communications goals and strategies.